Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Payments for any item(s) purchased through the "Buy It Now" choice will receive a PayPal invoice with the shipping and any applicable sales taxes.  "Buy It Now" purchases can be combined to save on shipping.  Please wait for the PayPal invoice that will arrive along with an email from The Crafting Cottage.  Buy It Now purchases will need to be paid within one day of receiving the PayPal Invoice. 

***PLEASE see note below for auctions with bidding!!!***

Once an auction is over - the winner will be notified by an email from The Crafting Cottage.  Winners should not pay for their goodies until they receive a PayPal Invoice from The Crafting Cottage.
If the winner is participating in more than one auction - The Crafting Cottage will be glad to wait until all the various auctions are done and then will be happy to combine items to save on 
the shipping of the goodies for the winner!  

Winners should not pay for their goodies until they have received a PayPal Invoice from The Crafting Cottage with all the shipping fees and applicable sales taxes determined.

Once the invoice has been sent, winners are expected to pay within THREE DAYS from the date of the invoice!!!

Failure to pay for any purchases five days after the invoice date will be put back up for auction.

If, after several attempts to communicate with the winner via email and PayPal Invoicing, payment has not been made - then that person will be permanently removed from the Crafting Cottage's auction site.  

If you are the winner of more than one auction and/or "Buy It Now" purchases, all efforts will be made to combine the shipping at the least expensive price and you will be sent a second invoice with all the sales tax and info payment fees to be paid.

*******PLEASE NOTE:  All winners will receive a PAYPAL invoice with sales tax and shipping info included.  Once that invoice is paid -

your goodies will be prepped for packaging and shipment.  You will receive an email when your package is on its way!!!!*****

Thank you for joining Crafting Cottage Auctions!!!  Please send any questions to:

Stay Crafty My Friends!